O Hai.

Now that I’ve kicked things off with my two new poems, after a long verbally creative hiatus…

I can’t belieeeeeve how much has happened since I last posted. It has been years, literally. Pertinent points:

* Google Blogger arrived and terminally funked up my blog. I gave up on it for a while. (.. i.e. until now.)

* VegWeb, and veganism! 🙂

* LOLcats.

* Someone asked me to marry him, and someone else asked me out; in that order. I said no, and yes; in that order. The former was over a year ago; the latter, a few days ago.

* I moved back home to Christchurch.

* I became obsessed with taking photos of my lovely vegan food, and discovered the macro button on my camera.

* I found WordPress, and founded my food blog. (I also rescued this old personal/poetry blog, with the help of WP, which let me drag its carcass out of the ruins of Google-Blogger.)

* Within the last few days, I wrote two poems; the first time I’ve been able to express myself this way in soooooo many months. There was one other poem during last spring, but I lost it! o_O

It’s good to be back.



A change comes.
A tap in the mind causes words
to drain like old stagnation
too long held;
to flow forth like living sap:
clear, with a hint of sweetness.

Thoughts race
down paths newly illuminated –
never before explored,
with unopened doors.

Possibilities, probabilities,
maybes and maybe-nots…
Power of choice lies within my hand,
my mind
is learning to remain open
to the air of autumnal dreams.

In this season of change
let me be free of fear;
let me know which doors to choose.

My soul is a fallow field,
hallowed ground,
from which once sprouted green shoots
dream seeds with roots
that reach deep, deeper
seeking sustenance
from the dark earth.

Wild growth now springs –
stem, branch and leaf.
Nature’s bandage –
weeds germinate
in the absence
of carefully tended crops.

I lie in the tall weeds
and dream;
rootless for a time.
Clouds skim past the sun
and creepers come to blanket me
tendril by tendril.


1: Contribution : “…in the little box”
2: Ryan : Schoppe (hehee ^_^)
3: Minimal : -ist
4: Cleansed : and moisturised
5: Centered : grounded
6: Arrow : “Me and my…”
7: Beyond : compare
8: Execute : program
9: Intuition : compassion
10: Apology : accepted

Why does the word ‘tiddlywinks’ immediately conjure up a vivid memory of their flavour?

Hereby proving that those “Not suitable for children under the age of…” warnings on toys are, um, necessary. Glad I never choked.


The aforementioned compassion is engaged as I read the latest…

That poor woman who condemns Harry Potter. Of course, a lot of people misunderstand and hate the deep-rooted faith of Wicca and witchcraft. This is not a surprise, but what worries me today is that I’ve read her own words, and she says she fears that due to the lack of prayer in schools, “God was expelled. So we’ve raised a generation not to know Him.”

I ask you, how can a beautiful, universal, ever-loving, all-encompassing God be cast out forever from the heart of anyone who wants to find Him? I’m sorry to pity you, Laura, but you’re pretty sad, in my books, if you believe that any number of disbelievers can eradicate Deity from our lives. She will speak to us no matter how we denounce or ignore Her. Such insecurity of spirit frightens me.

My path toward light is illuminated
by the simplest wisdom of faith:
To be defined not by what I hate,
but by what I embrace
And never to believe a fool
who says that what I love is foolish.
For my Goddess was beloved
millennia before the fool’s god was conceived
For she lives within us all
And she will endure –
Like anything so adored –
As long as people live to speak her name.