Unconscious Mutterings


1. Resolution : schmesolution
2. Happy : happy joy joy
3. Bubbly : pies
4. Kiss : rocks
5. Leather : Mother
6. Fancy : schmancy
7. Pages : turn
8. Stupid : cupid
9. Apologize : profusely
10. Secrets : kept


Flame will seek out flame and grow;
The eye of the storm seems so small;
Faultlines reach snaking arms to each other;
Water of the flood pool together,
Finding our lowest points.

Nature schemes to teach us
To see beyond the destruction –
For, in fully embracing suffering
We can begin to see through it,
And to rise above it

Knowing that the Mother of us all
Planted the seeds of infinite potential
Not only as wildflowers
Ready to sprout from bare soil,
But also within our souls.

Unconscious Mutterings


1. Rhyme: time
2. Substantial: greed
3. Instant: pudding
4. Greed: grouch
5. Brad: Pitt
6. Season: reason
7. Accomplished: spinster
8. Invite: mail
9. Sparkle: glow
10. Rainbow: Brite

P.S. My Phad Thai is so yumby. An experiment worth its wait. 😀

I saw my face in a mirror
in a dream where I was lost –
in such childlike helplessness
I wept.

All around me faces and places
which should have been familiar.
They gave back no recognition
and, cold-shouldered, turned away.

Awakening I gaze into reflection
through a lens which turns light to dark,
switches the truth upside down;
blind through this maze I hunt.

Following future followed by past;
it takes more wisdom than I have
to know that I ought to pause
and speak to the present.

I have grown apart from me –
the child inside is sleeping,
and she must awaken from dreams
so we can comfort one another again.

Meme rabble

Unconscious Mutterings

Stuff : off
Block : head
Ingredient : secret
Flagrant : gay
Dandruff : shampoo
Betty : Crocker
Tide : -al wave
Judges : harshly
Take it easy : jerk
Chef : at large

Christchurch Haiku

I’ve been meaning to blog this since my weekend in Christchurch, but I suppose I haven’t because I didn’t want to let go of it just yet. But nevertheless this is some of what it meant to me, in a few words.

Revisiting home
Flying through glorious dawn
Love every moment

Shaking in my shoes
Nothing like the thrill of this
Above natural laws

For a few hours
I am whoever I play
In amongst strangers

Pause and feel stillness
The river of time and motion
Rushing past my feet

Stop and breathe in place
Tranquillity comes, watching
As well as doing

Easier it is
To be alone when one is home
And not a stranger

Place of growing up…
Before it grows stranger to me,
Make it mine again

Sometimes I Wonder

…and I should.

Now and then it occurs to me to ask (no one in particular) who makes the cardboard tubes for toilet rolls and who glues the end of each roll down just so. Who created the white plastic cord for my iPod’s headphones, or the little perforated metal disc that the sound comes through? Who makes the keys in my keyboard and who presses out each square in our linoleum floor? Or who used to make this sort of thing, and which machine has taken over their job?

I take so much for granted knowingly, but I take millions of things for granted unknowingly. Sometimes I remember and it ought to give me pause… not often enough, I say.

Although perhaps one could say there are more important things, or more touching, natural things, personal things, which should take up my attention and my sympathy; what might I be in this life to look after?

Nevertheless I am glad that an innate compassion stops me in my tracks now and then. A sense of wonder and horror at the unnaturalness of our world that so many people take for granted, which I cannot always afford to overlook. I’ve tried to write poems about this in the past but my humble words can’t cover it, not so far anyway.

This isn’t an important post but it’s a hint at endlessly trivial, yet important things. “Truth, like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold.” I’ll stop now.